Sapphire 2016-2017

A very sincere thank you to all who took the risk and audititioned. I know it’s not easy to do, and can be very stressful. Your hard work and dilligence will serve to make any choir of which you are a member a better ensemble. 

We will be happy to speak with you about your audition when the entire process is finished. 

Adams, Sydney

Allen, Skylar

Alley, Madison

Anderson, Kylie

Blanco, Marissa

Bly, Savannah

Brophy, Emily

Claassen, Sarah

Daring, Jordyn

Dmytriw, Sarah

Duray, ReEnna

Edwards, Tatum

Ferguson, Grace

Fisher, Ciara

Giambrocco, Jenna

Gomes, Jessica

Grubin, Olivia

Guettlein, Katarina

Jacobsen, Alex

Keys, Charlotte

Leckemby, Melissa

Liebrock, Sara

Losty, Jillian

Martillaro, Bella

Menendez, Alex

Miner, Emily

Nikolosi-Bowker, Athena

Parker, Bailey

Powell, Brynna

Ruch, Abby

Schultze, Courtney

Serbu, Chloe

Serrano, Sofia

Slessman, Anna

Spencer, Mallory

Spring, Cassie (Deborah)

Sterrett, Megan

Swift, Caitlin

Swift, Colleen

Swinney, Abby

Vessa, Siena

Weaver, Kaitlin

Webster, Brittany

Weiland, Emily

Weisman, Natasha

Witt, Avery

Wolle, Bri

Woodcock, Victoria