Concert Choir 2016-2017

A very sincere thank you to all who took the risk and audititioned. I know it’s not easy to do, and can be very stressful. Your hard work and dilligence will serve to make any choir of which you are a member a better ensemble. 

I’ll be happy to speak with you about your audition when the entire process is finished. 

I look forward to working with each and every choir and singer in the next year.

Adams,  Riley

Alvarado,  Angelica

Bashford, Amanda

Behrer, Melissa

Blakeslee, Blake

Bookwalter, Estelle

Brazzell,  Gracey

Buccino, Jacob

Cawlfield,  Emily

Chansisourath, Emily

Clarke, Grace

Crowley, Jessica

Davis,  Jay

DeAndrea, Elena

DeLisa,  Emma

Dooley,  Lexi

Dorney,  Nick

Dunnewald, Lauren

Eldredge,  Bobbi

Escobar, Jared

Fixler,  Anna

Germann, Megan

Gordon,  Gabrielle

Griffey, Mike

Grimes, Issa

Gunter,  Aleena

Heeb, Audra

Ho, Emily

Hogan,  Mazy

Horsely,  Nate

Horst, Isabel

Jones,  Walker

Jones, Elizabeth

Jonke,  Alec

Keller, Sam

Kelley,  Elaina

Kempsell, Emily

Kosty, Ava

Lambertson, Hannah

Litzau,  Grace

Lockhart, Anna

Marquis,  Jillian

Marrs, Marshall

Marshall, Makenna

McCabe, Grace

McCabe, Molly

McCarthy, Danny

Moran, Madyson

Morelock, Anna

Myers, Caden

Nelson,  Lainie

O'Hara, Catherine

O’Toole,  Grace

Paton, Wes

Provencal,  Maya

Rabbitt, Andrew

Reichert,  Conner

Reiner,  Clarice

Rich, Emily

Rosenow,  Seth

Serbu, Flurry

Siegrist, Will

Smith, Cecilia

Smoker,  Maddie

Speed, Erin

Sturgeon, Jackie

Templeton,  Megan

Tharp,  Jake

Tingle,  Natalie

Toronto,  Camille

Vose,  Holly

Weaver,  Emma

Weisel,  Becca

Welch,  Allie

Wright, Aubrey

Yocum, Michael